Kristiana Or Me?:

Krystal vs Steve


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Description of V337B Kristiana Or Me?: Krystal Vs Steve Part 2:

(Part 2) In an earlier video, "I love you.  I love you not!", Kristiana has escaped from an insane asylum and has shown up to physically and mentally harass Steve who was her previous boyfriend.  Her roommate in the asylum was Krystal Summers and Kristiana raved about much she loved him and how much she hated him and how very much she loved abusing him!!!  So as soon as Krystal managed her escape, she headed straight over to Steve's home!  Robin tries to warn Steve by phone but it's too late!  Krystal arrives and has her maniacal way with Steve!!!  She loves abusing him with Smothers....Face, Breast, HOM and she uses her feet and legs to further torment!  Poor Steve!  Lucky Steve!!!  You decide!!

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