Robin vs Nicole


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Description of V335A Robin vs Nicole:

Robin and Nicole's boyfriends are wrestlers. Robin is also and wrestler and wants to train with Nicole but Nicole thinks wrestling is for white trash. In Nicole's mind, she is above this since she is a model. Her attitude pisses Robin off...Later Robin and Nicole are watching their boyfriends wrestle and Robin decides that she is going to teach Nicole a lesson. She drags Nicole onto the mat and a very heated wrestling match begins...But Robin is going to teach Nicole a lesson she will never forget! She is relentless in her terrifying scissors, brutal face smothers, pins triangles. You name it...Robin puts Nicole through the ringer!!! Robin uses Nicole as her sex toy, too, as she brings herself to an orgasm that Nicole will not soon forget! But it doesn't end here...Check out V335B as Robin continues Nicole's "lesson" in the pool!!!