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Kristiana was scouted at a party by Robin at the start of the Millenium. Robin then put her in her famous "LesFemmesFatales" Live event 2002. There Kristiana put up an amazing fight, unfortunately breaking her ribs, but dominating the match for 18 minutes. Even though her opponent was the victor, Robin and everyone else could see that Kristiana had the "Heart of a Lion". Since then, Robin has trained with Kristiana over the years and she has come so far with several victories, losses, and draws. Kristiana's favorite holds are head scissors, reverse guillotines, headlocks, grapevines, triangles, and rear naked chokes.

Here is a list of videos which feature Kristiana:

V663 Tickle Torture! Kristiana vs FightBabe Robin

V606 Ballerina Domination! FightBabe Robin vs Kristiana

V567 Competitive Judo Gi Fighting: Randy vs Kristiana

V562 Competitive Judo Gi Fighting: Skylar Rene vs Kristiana

V561 Competitive Wrestling: Mutiny vs Kristiana

V558 Competitive Training: Robin vs Kristiana I

V551 Muscle Babe Sheila Rockvs Kristiana (in Judo Gi)

V547 The Crazies! Kristiana & Tomiko Beatdown Steve

V540 Bitch Fight In Pantyhose! Robin vs Kristiana

V536 Fighting For Mount Rematch: Kristiana vs Steve

V535 Killer Hotties In Shiny Pants

V516 Fighting For Mount Position: Kristiana vs Steve

V424B Disco Dolls Smother Steve part 2 $24.95

V424A Disco Dolls Smother Steve part 1 $24.95

V420 Fight Club: Lia Labowe vs Kristiana $44.95

V385 Competitive Wrestling: Kristiana vs Max Mikita $39.95

V384 Competitive Wrestling: Kristiana vs Lisa $37

V371 Competitive Pins and Scissors: Kristiana vs Nicole Oring $37

V354 You Love Me, You Love Me Not part 2 Kristiana vs Steve $24.95

V338 You Love Me, You Love Me Not Part 1 Kristiana vs Steve $24.95

V330G Live Event 2009 Kristiana vs Scarlett Devine $25

V303 FightBabe vs Evil Kristiana $33

V279 Attitude Adjustment $39

V271 Submission by Pins: Robin vs Kristiana $34.95

V263 Kristiana and Mutiny vs Steve $33

V260 Challenge Match: Kristiana vs Mutiny $34.95

V257 Pantyhose Jointlock Frenzy! $33

V250 Pancake Pins Robin vs Kristiana $38.95

V233 Artist's Block 2: Robin vs Kristiana $58.95

V232 Artist's Block: Robin vs Kristiana $29.95

V212 Practice Dummy part 2: Robin vs Kristiana $34.95

V211 Practice Dummy part 1: Robin vs Kristiana $34.95

V207 Killer Fight: Kristiana vs Robin $33

V206 Major Ballbusting! Robin and Kristiana beat Crip $51.95

V194 Take That! Ball Busting Bonanza: Kristiana/Robin vs Tom $34.95

LE2002-3 Kristiana vs Yana $37

LE2004-2 Kristiana vs Starlett $25





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