A Bet Is A Bet!

FightBabe Robin vs Steve


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V784 A Bet Is A Bet! FightBabe Robin vs Steve

FightBabe Robin is in a feisty mood and when Steve makes the mistake of engaging her in a conversation of Male vs Female she is more than game to meet him head on! Steve tells the FightBabe that she has "girl muscles" and is not nearly as strong as he is. He scoffs at Robin's remarks, and is in general, totally arrogant and disrespectful! FightBabe Robin is having none of it today! So Robin offers up a little bet: they will arm wrestle to settle this little dispute! If Steve wins, then Robin has to pay him $100, but if Robin wins, then Steve must worship her feet! Robin lets Steve choose which arm they will use first, as they will have a 2 out of 3 match. Bad news for Steve as he loses, loses, loses!!! Now he must worship Robin's cute little feet! Steve is reluctant, but after all, a bet is a bet!!! Robin is still anoyyed with the whole scenario so she punishes poor Steve! Robin squeezes his balls, chokes him, facesits him, and of course, makes him worship her feet like the little bitch he is!!!


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