Ballbusting Break-in!

FightBabe Robin Busts The Bad Guy


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V781 Ballbusting Break-in! FightBabe Robin Busts The Bad Guy

Fightbabe Robin is indoors talking on her cell while a perverted burglar watches her through the glass doors. He is admiring her gorgeous legs as she walks around inside. When the opportunity arises, the burglar breaks in, hoping to ransack the place. Unfortunately for him, he gets caught by the FightBabe! She is pissed! The burglar is in BIG trouble as FightBabe Robin doesn't appreciate his ill-fated doings! FightBabe Robin decides she is going to punish this little pervert and she takes it out on his balls! The burglar gets kicked, squeezed, and basically man-handled by the beautiful blonde powerhouse! Robin gets rid of the jerk...or does she? The idiot returns, only to be recognized by FightBabe Robin, which infuriates her! And, well, his balls are TOAST!!!


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