Bimbo Yoga Beatdown!

Fightbabe Robin vs Bad Ant


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V779 Bimbo Yoga Beatdown! FightBabe Robin vs Bad Ant

Bad Ant has scheduled a Yoga lesson with FightBabe Robin and he makes a big mistake when he starts yapping on the phone and wasting the Fightbabe's time. During his phone conversation, Bad Ant explains that he is going to do some "bimbo yoga" and unfortunately for him, Robin hears his brilliant proclamation! Already losing her patience, Robin tells Bad Ant he needs to put a cap on it, and soon his fated lesson begins! The lesson starts out as any other yoga lesson would, but after Robin strips down to a bikini, things get a bit more intense! Bad Ant admires the scenery of Robin's gorgeous yoga trained body as she offers to stretch out Bad Ant as he is limited in his flexibility. However, what follows is Robin unleashing her fury as she puts Bad Ant through Yoga Hell and begins to twist him into joint locks, chokes, handsmothers, and her signature facesitting! Bad Ant learns that Robin is not a bimbo, and that yoga can be dangerous when on her bad side! See Robin at her best as she dominates poor Bad Ant in another tortuous video!!!

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