Bond Girl Beatdown!

The Bond Girls Facesit Steve


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V776 Bond Girl Beatdown! The Bond Girls Facesit Steve

Steve has placed a modeling ad for a postition as a Bond girl. Stacy shows up for an "interview" and Steve girls her the job description. Stacy is more than willing to do what it takes to get the job, and when Steve tells her it will involve facesitting, she is all too willing to show him what she's got! Stacy plants her tight little ass on Steve's face and goes to work, giving it her best effort to impress her new boss. After the interview, Stacy leaves with a good feeling she has got the part in the bag. HOWEVER, Steve has also scheduled Goldie for the same type of agenda. Goldie works it too, determined to impress Steve! But when the two ladies realize they have been played, all hell breaks loose! Steve gets facesat to the extreme! The girls go at it too, and there will be only one winner!!!


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