Competitive Mixed Wrestling!

Goddess Anat vs Alex


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V767 Competitive Mixed Wrestling Goddess Anat vs Alex

Fabulous Dominatrix Goddess Anat fights our quintessential male badass Alex in another mixed competitive match! These two fighters are of comparable size and we anticipated a great match and there were no disappointments! Goddess Anat jumped at the opportunity to kick some male ass, and this fight was intense from the start! Goddess Anat enjoys dominating males and it can be seen by the devilish smile on her face when she gets control. Alex uses his great skills to ward off attacks, but finds himself in trouble constantly! Goddess Anat is relentless with her domination and Alex tries to escape choke hold after choke hold! And don't think a vicious dominating facesit is out of the question!!! This is a great mixed match that really displays our sexy newcomer Goddess Anat and we welcome her with open arms!!!

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