Pro Wrestler vs Submission Wrestler!

Vanessa Harding vs FightBabe Robin


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V766 Pro Wrestler vs Submission Wrestler! Vanessa Harding vs FightBabe Robin

Cocky Pro Wrestler, Vanessa Harding Faces a much smaller opponent, Fightbabe Robin who is a Submission Wrestler!!!  Vanessa is condescending to the smaller submission fighter!  She thinks she can overpower her with her larger size!!!  She laughs at Robin because she is not a PRO WRESTLER!  She calls her an apartment house wrestler!  They fight is on!!!  Vanessa states she feels she is wrestling a Bay Watch Babe!!!!  Robin tells her she will eat her words.  Vanessa keep grabbing at Robin's top, trying to humiliate her by exposing her tits! The powerful Pro Wrestler tosses Robin around the ring quite a bit but she cannot subdue Robin.  Bear Hugs, Airplane Spins, Surfboards, Splits, Scissors, Boston Crabs, Leg Locks, Toe Holds and Over the Knee Back Breakers are all used against Robin but she is relentless and fights back with enormous spirit using Head Locks, Body Scissors, Head Scissors, Arm Bars!  It looks as though Vanessa just might win this fight when Robin snaps after too much taunting and abuse!!!  Robin gets the big cocky Pro Fighter in a choke hold and works her over!!! Vanessa is starting to tire and that's when Robin begins to work her over!  It's back and forth with some great holds!  Both girls are angry and determined to win!  The loser will be stripped naked and humiliated!!!  Who will it be????  The Bigger Stronger Pro Wrestler, Vanessa Harding or the smaller skilled Fightbabe Robin?????


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