Test of Strength/Muscle Worship!

FightBabe Robin Worships Ariel X


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V765 Wrestling/Tickling Match! Antscha vs Skylar Rene

Ariel has been training very hard and Robin is very impressed with her muscular body.  Ariel talks about her training routine and then Robin challenges her to a series of Strength Exercises. Robin measures Ariel's muscles! 14" biceps! 22" thighs!  Robin has Ariel flex for her! The exercise challenge begins!  Push Ups with Robin stepping on Ariel's back!  The two go for a Fingerlock Test of Strength Challenge!   Arm Wrestling!! Robin is so impressed by beautiful Ariel's muscles that she insists on worshipping them just so everyone else will be envious of her!! She puts Ariel through more tests of strength so she pumps up even more.  Ariel flexes her pecs!  Robin tries to stop the pecs from flexing by grabbing Ariel's boobs, but Ariel's pecs keep working!  Belly Punching!! Calf Raises!! And much more! The more pumped Ariel gets, the more turned on both women get!  This builds to a very exciting ending! This is a sexy video and you'll wish you were lucky enough to worship Ariel's divine muscles!!

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