Triangle of Respect!

Fightbabe Robin vs Rick


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V763 Triangle of Respect! FightBabe Robin vs Rick

Rick is a nice guy, but he just doesn't know when to shut his mouth! FightBabe Robin is not in a very pleasant mood after she is degraded by Rick regarding her ability as a martial artist. Rick tells the FightBabe that it wouldn't matter what rank she may hold, even if it were a 10th degree black belt, she still couldn't kick his ass! Robin isn't quite in agreement with Rick's lame-ass theory! As Rick continues to explain that FightBabe Robin is just a girl and that she is just not that tough when compared to him, Robin's head is about to explode! Robin takes the big mouthed braggert down and she traps him in a triangle choke! Rick struggles to escape, but he is subjected to a bit of a lesson in martial arts respect!!!!

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