Judo Athletes!

Ariel X vs Skylar Rene


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V760 Judo Athletes! Ariel X vs Skylar Rene

Two judo athletes meet frequently to train hard together.  Both women are extremely good at ground work but also very beautiful! They fight hard, but worry that other athletes in the gym might be watching them.  There appears to be some underlying tension.  The tension builds.  They agree to meet at one of the women's apartments to finish what they've started!  They show up in sexy bikinis and begin! It becomes a real test of strength and will power.  Arm against Arm.  Calf against Calf! Body against Body!  There is definitely a cold determination to win coming from both of them.  They grip each other harder and go to the floor!  They scissor and squeeze each other with all their strength.  This turns them both on.  They resist the sexual desire that is escalating between them.  Soon, they take of their tops which seems to restrict their movement.  Now it's breast against breast!  Legs intertwined!  Double Head Scissors!  They fight hard, hair pulling, squeezing each other...and they begin to kiss!  The tension grows.  These two beauties cannot resist each other.  The powerful attraction because of their strength is too much.  They begin to choke each other.  This only turns them on more!!!  Now they rub their beautiful mounds together in rhythm!! Crotch against crotch...They make love furiously until they both explode into orgasm!!! VERY HOT SENSUAL VIDEO!  Skylar and Ariel are sensational!!

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