Taming Miss Untamed!

Fightbabe Robin vs Miss Untamed


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V758 Taming Miss Untamed! FightBabe Robin vs Miss Untamed

Miss Untamed graces the mats with her fabulously muscled body and her bigger than Life attitude! She flexes her muscles and runs her mouth as she tells FightBabe Robin that she pretty much is going to get her ass handed to her today! The FightBabe is not that impressed as she has heard this line of reasoning before, and she enlightens Miss Untamed as to the fact that she is a seasoned fighter that is VERY skilled and is more than ready to step up to the challenge! Miss Untamed employs her raw muscle to control Robin from the get go! Robin uses her superior skills to neutralize her opponent, but she finds herself struggling constantly. Miss Untamed runs her mouth the entire time as she disrespects her opponent's skills. Robin appears somewhat frustrated, and as she gets in trouble, Robin is forced to submit from crushing scissors applied to her body and neck! But the FightBabe is tenacious and doesn't give up! Robin's superior cardio and unrelentless counter attacks prove fruitful and soon Miss Untamed finds herself on the defensive! Classic Power vs Skill!!!

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