Competitive Female Wrestling!

Ariel X vs Jennifer Thomas


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V757 Law Office Dispute! Ariel X vs Jennifer Thomas

There is an underlying tension between two beautiful attorneys, Ariel & Jennifer!  They have some unresolved issues for their case that need to be resolved before they leave the room.  The tension begins to escalate as they coldly stare at each other.  They try to end things in a civil way but both agree that they don't mind getting physical to work out their dispute.  They begin by arm wrestling.  Long intense competitive bouts without a definite winner.  The rise to their feet. The tension mounts as they push the chairs aside and begin a more physically demanding confrontation.  They strip off their business attire and go at it, slowly...both bodies wrything as each tries to take control. As much as they try to resist, sexual tension begins to build between them as their bodies pull closer together.  They fight hard.  The heat is on and their hot bodies begin to sweat.  They stop momentarily and agree that no one can know what goes on behind this office door today!  They begin to fight even harder, pulling hair, breast to breast in their sexy bras and panties.  Bodies entwined, they roll, hold each other in tight bear hugs, legs wrapped tightly together, feet rubbing.  The sexual attraction is growing stronger and stronger as their hips start to move in rhythm.  Their breath becomes heavy.  They fight.  They sweat.  They stare at each other....These beautiful bodies beating against one another until both come to an enormous orgasm!!!  They roll apart, still holding hands and looking into each others eyes!  Is this dispute settled?  Or will they meet again?!!!  HOT HOT STUFF!!!



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