World Class Gym Instructor Skylar Rene

Destroys Two Macho Men!


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V754 World Class Gym Instructor Skylar Rene Destroys Two Macho Men!

Two arrogant, ex-world champion arm wrestlers are waiting for a world class instructor to get them back up to be world class arm wrestling champions again!  Skylar shows up as the substitute instructor! The muscular macho guys are NOT impressed to see a woman in stilettos, pantyhose and a pencil tight skirt telling them that she is the one who will be teaching them new techniques and skills!  They laugh and mock her, telling her to get to the kitchen and make them a sandwich!!  She challenges both of them to arm wrestling contests!! They laugh but decide they will teach her a lesson!  She takes them on, one at a time, one hand vs one hand, one hand vs 2 hands! Two fingers vs one hand!  Two fingers vs two hands!  Then she takes them both on!  One hand vs two hands!! And on and on, until they give up on the arm wrestling contests!  They decide to challenge her to other test of strength contests and teach her a lesson! They start with a classic test of strength contest! Bear Hugs, Belly Punching Contest and finally wrestling!  No matter what they challenge her with, she is indestructible!! Finally both men are KOd after she takes them on wrestling at the same time!!!  Sexy Incredible Body Beautiful Skylar Renee laughs at the pathetic two men as she looks down at broken bodies!!

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