Headscissors & Bondage!

Skylar Rene vs FightBabe Robin


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V752 Headscissors & Bondage! Skylar Rene vs FightBabe Robin

Bodies beautiful FightBabe Robin & Skylar Rene face each other in a unique rules match! Robin proposes that the rules are headscissors submissions only, and the first fighter to get three submissions can then change the rules to ANYTHING they wish! The fight starts out pretty rugged as both of these ladies possess very powerful legs and know that once caught in a headscissors, it's all over! Skylar Rene traps the FightBabe in her powerful thighs, and poor Robin gets mercilessly choked into submission! The ladies continue on, and once again Robin gets in trouble! Skylar Rene has an evil grin on her face as she squeezes Robin almost unconscious! Robin never seems to fully recover, and after three submissions, Skylar Rene angrily changes the rules to "bondage and headscissors"! Robin tries to weasel out of the rule change, and Skylar Rene violently throws her to the mat and restrains her. Poor Robin is then completely dominated with headscissors and Skylar Rene ultimately reigns victorius!!!  

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