Bad Ant Destroyed!

FightBabe Robin vs Bad Ant


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V751 Bad Ant Destroyed! FightBabe Robin vs Bad Ant

Well this time, Bad Ant, shows up in BAD shape!  Yes, his defense starts out pretty well but he soon loses all his energy and want to quit!  Robin isn't having any of it!  He showed up to fight her and she makes him continue!  She uses scissors, bicep slicers, foot chokes, face smothers, triangles, arm bars and more!!!  There is a lot of trash talking to boot!  At the end of the video, there is a 2 minute bonus of close ups from Robin's POV as she destroys Bad Ant!!!  Robin asks that everyone email and tell Bad Ant to get back in shape!  He once was a very good athlete!  Let's get him back in shape and ready to fight again!

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