FightBabe Robin POV Boxing!

FightBabe Robin vs YOU



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V744 FightBabe Robin POV Boxing! FightBabe Robin vs YOU

So you saw this smokin' hot blonde at the gym as she was walking out after she finished her workout. She had a pair of boxing gloves draped over her shoulders, so you walked up to her and after making small talk, suggested that maybe you give her a little boxing lesson. And this girl Robin seemed more than kick your ASS!!! You figured it would be fun to work over this sexy little gal with the fabulous body and allurring blue eyes, but you didn't consider that FightBabe Robin could hit like a freight train! Not to mention, you shouldn't have pissed her off! The FightBabe gives you a well deserved beating! She enjoys every second of her total domination of you, and concludes the "little workout" by putting you where you belong: Down for the Count!!!

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