Rock Hard Sheila Rocks & Rolls Steve!

Sheila Rock vs Steve



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V740 Rock Hard Sheila Rocks & Rolls Steve! Sheila Rock vs Steve

Rock Hard Sheila Rock has had enough of Steve's bullying! He's pushed her around long enough and finally she snaps! He can't believe she is standing up to him and demands to know if she has anything but air in her "cabeza"??? Sheila blasts Steve onto the mats! He tries to fight back but her solid muscular body is too much for him to handle! She is like Hercules and she is going to beat him down like he's never been beaten before! She uses cruel punishing Head and Body Scissors, Choke Holds, Head Locks and Beats on his abs!!! All the while her muscles pump up bigger and she just gets meaner!!! You will love this video if you love powerful muscular women!!!!

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