Punishment For A Lecherous Yoga Instructor



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V738 NamASSte! Punishment For A Lecherous Yoga Instructor

Several gals have been waiting for world famous New York yoga instructor, Guru Gropper, to show up for their yoga class for over 2 hours.  Everyone has let except Robin as she really loves yoga and wants a tough class! He finally arrives so Robin ends up taking a private yoga class. The famous instructor tells Robin to start in Downward Facing Dog.  The teacher decides she needs an adjustment but this isn't something that Robin feels comfortable with.  Within a very short time, it is obvious that this male yoga teacher is a lech and Robin is going to punish him for his groping, sexual advances and misconduct in class!!!  Robin uses Crushing head scissors!! Reverse Head Scissors! Front Head Scissors! Every Kind of Head Scissor!! Assanasana (face sitting pose), Hunumanassana (splits across the throat pose), Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog and some ujayyi breathing!!! And a few Ass Smothers just to say NamASSte to this pervert!

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