Tease and Beat!

FightBabe Robin Teases & Destroys the Sexual Predator


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V733 Tease and Beat! FightBabe Robin Teases and Destroys the Sexual Predator

Robin is tired of watching this Sexual Predator have his way with every woman he meets.  He is cocky, abusive and macho.  He tries to do the same with Robin but now he has met a real Femme Fatale who will bring him to his knees, begging for her to leave him alone.  She uses her sexuality to entice him and then uses her superior strength to beat him down.  Over and over and over.....Robin is so very sensual and she knows this weak minded man thinks eventually he will have his way with her, and then wham!  She denies him and wallops him worse than ever!!!  This video is extremely sexy and Robin invites Steve to partake in her body and then DENIES him abruptly, laughing, taunting, mimicking, and ultimately destroying not only his male ego but also cracking him mentally and crushing him physically!!!!  Tease and Denial at it's FINEST!!!

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