Bedroom Rivalry!

Ariel X vs Skylar Rene


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Description of V725 Bedroom Rivalry! Ariel X vs Skylar Rene

Two gorgeous room mates are sleeping back to back.  They share a bed.  They have a lot of unresolved issues.  Because of this, they are unable to sleep well.  They toss and turn.  They begin to push their butts against each other.  Each being territorial of her space.  They turn into each other and begin to arm wrestle...not traditional arm wrestling but hand to hand pushing.  They intertwine calves and feet begin to leg and foot wrestle...each trying to out do the other!  When one throws off her bra, the fight is on!  The other takes off her bra and begins to test each other's strength on the bed!  Breast against breast, hands interlocked...the push against each other.  They try to be quiet as they are worried someone will hear them and stop them.  The test of strength escalates into them fighting harder.  Body to body.  They pull hair, squeeze tits...crotch to crotch...legs intertwined.  Bear Hugs, Scissors, Head Locks, Grapevines...The fight grows in intensity.  The women begin to be sexually aroused by each other and this only gets more intense as they fight harder and feel each other's strength.  The forcefully kiss each other...This is a very Hot Sexual Fight!  The girls ride each other until they climax wildly!!!  You don't want to miss this wild bed fight starring Ariel X and Skylar Renee!!!

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