Bad Mouthin' Bitch Battle!

FightBabe Robin vs Hollywood


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Description of V690 Bad Mouthin' Bitch Battle! FightBabe Robin vs Hollywood

FightBabe Robin and Hollywood have a history of fierce competitiveness and it is not a good idea to leave these two ladies in a room together! Call it what you may, but you can almost be promised a battle of epic proportion when the chance may arise, and that's exactly what happened when Hollywood was kind enough to elbow Robin in the boob! The FightBabe didn't appreciate it and when Hollywood was reluctant to apologize BOOM! It's ON!!! A gruelling Fingerlock Test of Strength gets ugly when Robin drives a knee into Hollywood's abs, and gets repaid with a brutal kick to the crotch which sends her plummeting to the mat! Hollywood thinks she has the upperhand when she pins Robin's hands above her head, but Robin powers out and soon it it Hollywood getting punished with scissors, sleeperholds, and chokes. Hollywood tries repeated to shake off Robin with bellypunches, but does nothing to affect Robin's trained, rock hard stomach! The bad mouthing is outrageous as Robin destroys poor Hollywood with camel clutches, more triangle chokes, and other brutal holds! Robin is in classic, dominant form as she enjoys her superior role, finally K.O.-ing Hollywood. As Robin exits the room to locate her ropes to restrain her defeated foe, Hollywood comes to and hides, thus the prey now becomes the predator. Hollywood pounces on an unsuspecting Robin, and engulfs her in a brutally tight rear naked choke hold! Robin struggles to break free as the blood flow is cut off, finally collapsing to a limp and lifeless form. Hollywood takes advantage of the convenient ropes and ties up poor Robin, leaving her fabulously sexy victim bound and humiliated!!!

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