Babes, Bikinis, & Bicep Curls!

FightBabe Robin & Friends Flex Their Biceps


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Description of V683 Babes, Bikinis, & Bicep Curls! FightBabe Robin & Friends Flex Their Biceps

We put together an AWESOME group of gals and shot a video that is just TOO HOT!!! We started out with Ms. Body of Perfection Randy Moore as she cranks off a few reps, then beautiful Skylar Rene steps up with her ROCK HARD ABS to give us a show! This followed by a bit of topless, drenched-in-sweat bicep worship! (Skylar's glistening body just about sent the camera up in flames!!!) If it isn't enough to see these two heavenly bodies in admiration, next we had Ariel X shows us how to pump some iron! Ariel is just so damn provocative...let's just say she is the quintessential Man-Eater!!! Then, our dark haired Italian beauty Kristiana gave us a demo of how she does it!!! The iron was really movin'!!! And then, our very own FightBabe Robin got the blood flowing, both her's and our's!!!! Robin shows off her sculpted body which she has developed from years of yoga and training hard! It's hard to ever get enough of the Fightbabe, from her beautiful smile, to her shapely abs, to her gorgeous legs, it's an infinite pleasure to see her!!! Enjoy this fun little video as much as we did making it!!!

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