Foot Crazy!

FightBabe Robin vs Steve


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Description of V667 Foot Crazy! FightBabe Robin vs Steve

Robin and Steve are going over some files that Steve claims he has found some discrepancies with. As they go over the files, Robin notices that Steve is looking at her feet....well, not just looking but gawking! This goes on until finally Robin has enough and tell Steve to meet her at her dojo after work! Robin is brutal in her wrestling match against Steve and uses her ultra sexy feet with high arches to dominate him! This Fightbabe is SEXY, GORGEOUS, BRUTAL, MEAN AS HELL, FUNNY and has legs and feet to die for!! And she LOVES to use her legs and feet on a man! She can drive them wild or she can annihilate them! Half way through destroying Steve, Robin changes into her judo gi! From here on out she is completely dominant, forcing Steve to lick and kiss her feet from heel to toe, emphasizing her arches! She smothers Steve with her feet! She uses hip throws, foot chokes, arm bars, scissors, omoplatas, gogoplatas, choke holds! Robin gives explicit instruction to Steve on HOW TO lick, kiss and worship her feet! Robin is HOT! This is Robin at her best! Do not miss this if you love sexy feet, legs and a real woman who knows how to truly dominate a man!

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