Oiled Up Competitive Fight!

Mutiny vs Fightbabe Robin


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Description of V665 Oiled Up Competitive Fight! Mutiny vs FightBabe Robin

Mutiny and Robin agree to a very slippery match against each other. They start out, taking their time, applying oil to their super sexy bodies...using LOTS of oil! They have a little fun before the work begins! After, the sexy oiling prelude, they face off and are soon slipping across each other's glistening bodies!! Each has a hard time securing a hold on the other because everything is just sooooo slick! Robin declares, "This is impossible in oil! " She's obviously not done oil wrestling before! Hard to keep serious under the circumstances, the 2 resort to some naughty play during the match before becoming more competitive. Mutiny loses her top early on! Robin figures out a way to lock in a hold and gains a submission! The girls oil up again and are off! Robin is keen to win this match! Head scissors, nasty wedgies, nipple play, body figure 4s and scissors and breasts escaping from bikinis tops! Lots of glistening skin and 2 very sexy wrestlers, having a lot of fun but still going for submissions, make this a great entertaining but extremely sexy match! And there is a clear winner!

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