Sexy Disco Girls Smother The Crook!


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Description of V658 Sexy Disco Girls Smother The Crook!

Sheila Rock, Stacy Burke are on their way to the disco. They leave their home and a thief breaks in! Suddenly Stacy realizes that they've forgotten their tickets for free drinks so she and her body building friend go back to retrieve them! They startle the crook when they burst through the door! Angry, they throw him to the floor and begin to smother him in their sexy shiny disco pants!!! Tomiko comes to meet them and hears the story! She joins in on the smother train!!! Soon, they having a blast, changing into silky pants, to shiny pvc but always facesitting ! Sometimes, smothering hard and sometimes very sexy!!! These 3 sexy girls really know how to smother!!! Sometimes they work Steve over 1 at a time, then they double team him and finally the 3 sexy sitters work him over and KO him completely! Robin the femme fatale enters and is very angry! The 4 gals go at each other! First Robin vs Sheila! And Tomiko vs Stacy! Robin and Stacy outsmother their opponents!! Two sexy smotherers are left standing! They go at each other immediately! Only one will survive!!! Who will be the supreme face smotherer? And will she go to the disco alone?????

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