Tied & Teased!

Mutiny Dominates Steve



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Description of V654 Tied & Teased! Mutiny Dominates Steve

Mutiny has tied Steve's wrists tightly with ropes. She found out that Steve was cheating on her with Kristiana while Mutiny was in Canada! Mutiny vows to hurt Steve the way he has been hurting all these years with other wrestlers! She swears to make him suffer while making him so horny but he can't have any of her because he will be tied up, but she will have her way with him. She is going to keep him tied up, scissor him, smother him, sit on his face, grind and have a piece of him....but not letting him have any of the fun! Time to turn the tables! Mutiny is OH SO SEXY as she taunts and teases, school boy pins, face sits him with her beautiful full ass!!! She whispers in his ear as she breast smothers him, then rolls him into a tight front head scissor! The torture goes on and on as Steve apologizes, pleads, begs but Mutiny isn't having any of it! She is going to get her payback the way she wants it now!!! She rubs Steve's cock with her foot and forces him to worship her feet! Tight choke holds! Trash talking! Foot smothers! Figure 4 head scissors! She forces her head tightly into her ass! Steve will be remembering this punishment for a very very long time to come! Mutiny tells him what she will do to his friends, just as he has done to hers as she rides him into a wild orgasm!!! WoW! What an ending! OOOH LA LA!

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