Pantyhose Brutality!

FightBabe Robin vs Lia Labowe



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Description of V653 Pantyhose Brutality! FightBabe Robin vs Lia Labowe

Two of the Best & Sexiest in the business go at it in this brutal Pantyhose Catfight! Both FightBabe Robin and Lia Labowe are determined to prove to the other fighter that they are superior! These two gorgeous ladies start the match out in pantyhose, and immediately tear into each other's bodies and pantyhose! This is a DIRTY catfight as brutal holds are used by these super competitive ladies! Robin is in classic form as she facesits Lia to immobilize her and bellypunches her before working over her crotch with a scream provoking claw! Faces are slapped, bodies are punished, and pantyhose are shredded in this rough & tumble battle of HOT vixens!

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