Saint Ni Touche!

Competitive Wrestling & Bondage: FightBabe Robin vs Steve


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Description of V644 Saint Ni Touche! Competitive Wrestling & Bondage: FightBabe Robin vs Steve

This video is in 2 parts! Both with the Fightbabe and Steve starting competitively! The competitive wrestling is fast and furious, especially in part 1, but soon Fightbabe Robin has a surprise in store for Steve! Ropes! And lots of them! Steve is soon bound in an incredulous rope bondage! Robin is brutal and delightful at the same time! She enjoys (almost too much) what she does in this video! In part 2, after Steve has been released, they go at it again! Robin immobilizes Steve with her incredible body and then begins to wrap him tightly in belts and more ropes! As Steve resists, Robin finds her way around his resistance! Steve calls her a name in french, Saint ni touche, which Robin insists on finding it's meaning on google1 Robin uses her incredible scissors to further torture the tightly bound french bimbo, then becomes frustrated as she tries to finds out the meaning! Steve has his fun with Robin too! As he taunts her with his french! Robin is devilish and relishes in torturing her french opponent!!! Robin is surely a "Saint ni touche"! One who looks like an angel but devilishy delicious!

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