Disturbing The Peace!

Cop Skylar Rene Deals With The Hoodlums


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Description of V642 Disturbing The Peace! Cop Skylar Rene Deals With The Hoodlums

Steve and Dewey are two ignorant, disrespectful, and loud hoodlums who are disturbing the peace! The neighbors have called the Cops and Officer Skylar shows up to arrest them. The 2 macho guys make fun of her and finally challenge her to fight them, which she gladly does! She beats them easily with punches and kicks, delivering a severe beatdown! They are both KOd. When they come to, they go at it again! Once again they are given an intense beatdown and KO'd! When they come to, they are handcuffed! The guys can't believe, it so they demand to arm wrestle the gorgeous officer! She lets them go so she can show them what she's got! She beats them easily, playing with them as she does! Finally a tug of war, with each guy going against the Officer! She beats them easily! This gorgeous babe then takes them on, 2 against 1! The sexy strong Officer wins again! The hoodlums are livid and go for their weapons! The Sexy skilled Officer has no problem disarming them with kicks and punches! Once again the hoodlums are KOd! Officer Skylar flexes and shows her female superiority!!

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