Rapture Gets Wrapped!

FightBabe Robin vs Rapture


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Description of V637 Rapture Gets Wrapped! Robin vs Rapture

Rapture and Fightbabe Robin face off in a wrestling match! Rapture dismisses Robin's ability due to her pint size stature, compared to that of the muscular Amazon, herself. Robin knows she is superior in speed and skill but Rapture is big, muscular and STRONG and she likes to fight dirty! They go at it hard but Robin is soon KO'd in a sleeper hold! Rapture struts around the mats and Robin is up and attacks, claiming she was playing possum! The two go at it again and Robin is, once again, KO'd but soon comes to and ready to continue the fight! Rapture mocks Robin, trying to strip her of her bikini! Robin is livid and decides to fight dirty, too! Soon the tables are turned on Rapture who is humbled by the smaller wrestler! Robin strips Rapture of her sexy one piece and forces the big Amazon to fight her in the nude! This is such a very sexy match! You won't want to miss this!!!

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