A Sick Love Story


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Description of V630 PoultryGeist: A Sick Love Story

Robin plays the part of a sexy screenwriter that unfortunately is pursued by a sick lover that wishes to not only control her very being, but to use her to rise to his own fame and fortune! Robin is taken over by the villain lover's evil control, and she is forced to perform an incredibly SEXY dance!!! (You'll love it as the FightBabe has more moveable parts than a Swiss watch!) Not one to be overpowered, Robin is able to resist and a battle with the demented Producer ensues! Back and forth they battle, but poor Robin ends up in the stocks. Robin pleads for mercy as her gorgeous and scantily clad body is tortured by her egotistical foe. She begs for mercy, but is punished until she concedes to make her adversary very rich and famous, never knowing whether this was indeed a lover's spat, or a very, very bad dream!!!

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