Steve's HARD Time With Angella!


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Description of V593 Steve's HARD Time With Angella!

Angella comes home from her Martial Arts class to find Steve waiting for her. He’s been waiting for more than 2 hours and he has a raging hard on because he took 2 viagra!!! Angella laughs at him! He makes advances at her and tells her he wants to use his big french dick! Angella laughs again! Steve continues harassing Angella and finally they get into an argument. She tells him she can’t do it his way!!! She has to do it her way! Steve gets angry and Angella if forced to put him in his place! She fights him to the ground and the wrestle. Angella uses her body very efficiently and gains the upper hand! She loves scissors, face sitting and smothers! She binds Steve’s hands and dominates him sexually! Steve finally pleads for Angella to let him go! Angella relents and Steve attacks ferociously as he wants his way with his still raging hard on! Angella and Steve fight rough! This time Angella is very focused and will not let Steve get away! She binds his wrists again! She smothers with her naked breasts, her ass, her feet! She loves using her feet on her opponents and forcing them to suck her toes! She tells Steve, “I want you to suck my feet, the way you want me to blow you!” Steve is upset but is forced to lick lick lick! Angella is one hot sexy lady and who knows what she wants and how she wants it! She always gets her way!! Steve is finally KO’d !!!

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