Skylar Dominates!

Skylar Rene vs Willy


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Description of V572 Skylar Dominates! Skylar Rene vs Willy

What starts as a competitive match turns quickly into one sided wrestling and domination, as Skylar loses her temper at her smaller opponent who shoves her, saying, "is that all you got?" Well, Skylar soon shows Willy that she is one tough dominant cookie who loves to humiliate her opponents too! Will is crushed between Skylar's immense thighs, suffocated up her ass, choked out in sleeper holds, swept into the air and over her shoulders, slammed back into the mat, grapevined, schoolboy pinned and completely wiped out on the mat! And this guy went at her with gusto but the wind was knocked right out of him. Willy finally succumbs to a brutal face sit smother, where he is burined alive in Skylar's big muscular ass! What a way to go!!!

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