Tokyo Catfight!

Mistress Amrita vs FightBabe Robin


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Description of V568 Tokyo Catfight! Mistress Amrita vs FightBabe Robin

Fought in a hotel room in Tokyo, Japan, this exciting wrestling match/catfight, between Fightbabe Robin and Mistress Amrita is a mixed genre of fighting. Robin has agreed to stick only to wrestling moves, while Amrita can add catfighting to her arsenal! Amrita uses brutal hairpulling and face slapping on Robin to gain control when she can! Amrita ia also well versed in submission wrestling and is very strong so Fightbabe Robin has possibly bitten off more than she can chew offering Mistress Amrita a fight where Robin has a handicap. The winner fully enjoys humiliating her opponent. A very entertaining and tough fight for sure!

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