Lia's Revenge! Lia Labowe vs Steve


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Description of V563 Lia's Revenge! Lia Labowe vs Steve

Steve asks Beautiful model, Lia Labowe to do a bit of light training on the mats and she is absolutely fine with the idea as long as it is light training, as she has some yoga classes to teach later! As they begin, Steve goes full throttle at her and throws her to the mats, using hard core chokes scissors and other brutal holds. Each time she taps, he snaps the hold on harder before he releases. Each time they recommence, Steve gets rougher and rougher. Finally Lia snaps and the tables are turned! Lia roughs Steve up with an incredible amount of brutality as she applies crushing scissors, chokes, pins, smothers and more. She throws in some very nasty humiliation, too, slamming her feet into Steve's face...dirty nasty feet, that is! Steve begs but Lia has no mercy....and rightly so! Great action! Great video!! Great Foot Domination/Humiliation!

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