Little Sweater/Huge Temper!

Robin vs Steve


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Description of V531 Little Sweater/Huge Temper! Robin vs Steve

Robin is back from her vacation in Chile and she's brought a gift for Steve...a gorgeous sweater made from Vincunya (finest Alpaca wool and very expensive)! Robin is so excited to give Steve his gift and is extremely hurt when he rejects it! Steve claims that the sweater is too small and he may be right! (YOU BE THE JUDGE!) Robin is pissed and she decides to rip Steve apart! They get into a very intense fight on the ground! Steve laughs at Robin. Robin is fuming! This gets very heated and someone is going to get destroyed!! Robin tells Steve, "You're going to feel the wrath of my thighs!" and he does! Robin's temper goes crazy as she uses her gorgeous legs to rip Steve's neck and had apart! She uses her choke holds, foot and ankle chokes, body scissors, face slapping, face sitting in cut off blue jeans, smothers and she doesn't ease up! With each hold, her temper escalates! Steve is doomed to pay big time for his rejection of Robin's gift!

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