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Wrestling/Fetish/Fantasy - Updated February 1, 2019

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V670 Late Again! Fightbabe Robin Scissors Her NYC Boyfriend (New Addition!!!)

Late again! Robin has been waiting and her NYC boyfriend is oblivious to her needs! He shows up late, saying he's been in the bar and brings her a glass of wine! He tells her to have a drink and they can have some fun! Robin's kind of fun, is a little different! She decides to scissor her boyfriend....time to teach him a lesson! Robin's thighs are like machetes that cut through the carotid arteries!!! She loves to scissor and no ones scissors compare to hers! Things get a little hot around the boyfriend's neck as Robin applies one scissor after another....Will he finally learn his lesson and be on time next time Robin is in NYC?????? That remains to be seen! LOL! LOTS OF SCISSOR FUN!!!
V618 Competitive Mixed Judo Gi Fighting! Robin vs Willy & Rhino

In this exciting competitive match for pins, Robin fights both Rhino and Willy! Yes, 2 guys vs 1 excellent female elite fighter! Team Girl "Robin" vs Team Boy "Willy and Rhino"! This is a tough but fun match. Robin fights one at a time...no rest for Robin as she grapples for pins! The first team to get 5 pins is the winner...But you have to wait to see what happens at the end!!! Truly an awesome match!
V634 Competitive Topless Wrestling! Skylar Rene vs Tomiko

Skylar Rene vs Tomiko in a topless competitive match! We start off with some warm ups (customer's request)! Evenly contested arm wrestling! Leg wrestling, double head scissor contest, a little push and shove test of strength! Now we are ready for the real battle and it's a great one! Tomiko and Skylar, both, are tough and strong! Things get heated after the first 2 falls! Lots of scissors! This is a sweaty match between 2 determined beauties that you don't want to miss!

V531 Little Sweater/Huge Temper! FightBabe Robin vs Steve

Robin is back from her vacation in Chile and she's brought a gift for Steve...a gorgeous sweater made from Vincunya (finest Alpaca wool and very expensive)! Robin is so excited to give Steve his gift and is extremely hurt when he rejects it! Steve claims that the sweater is too small and he may be right! (YOU BE THE JUDGE!) Robin is pissed and she decides to rip Steve apart! Robin is fuming! Robin tells Steve, "You're going to feel the wrath of my thighs!" and he does! Robin's temper goes crazy as she uses her gorgeous legs to rip Steve's neck and had apart! She uses her choke holds, foot and ankle chokes, body scissors, face slapping, face sitting in cut off blue jeans, smothers and she doesn't ease up! With each hold, her temper escalates! Steve will pay big time for his rejection of Robin's gift!
V641 Two Timing NYC Boyfriend's Punishment!

Skylar Rene is waiting for her boyfriend from NYC to arrive for their date. He has just flown into Los Angeles. She is soooo happy to see him when he arrives but feels let down when he tells her he only has a couple of hours to hang out. In walks Fightbabe Robin , so happy to see her NYC boyfriend, who, on the other hand is shocked to see her!!! Robin says how happy she is that he is there to see her 2 hours early! But she is also surprised because she hadn't yet, given him her new address! The bozo had no idea that both of his girlfriends were now roommates!!! Well, doesn't take much to do the math and soon this two timing boyfriend is flat on the floor and the livid girlfriends dish out intense punishment with scissor holds and face sit smothers! Sexy black pantyhose add to the enjoyment of our pantyhose loving fans!!!
V612 Head Scissor/KO Wrestling: Skylar Rene vs Tomiko

Sexy Gals, Skylar Renee and Tomiko agree to a competitive match with different rules! The emphasis is to get head scissors. If a head scissor is gained and the opponent submits, they get a bit of humiliation by the winner of that submission's feet! So the object of the fight is to get a head scissor and a KO! The foot humiliation is to try to deter the opponent caught in the scissor from submitting! The object is to get a KO! Once a KO is gained, that opponent will be declared the winner! So you'll see lots of head scissors in this match, some foot humiliation, great action and 1 KO! Enjoy!
V609 Competitive Judo Gi Fighting! Kristiana vs Sheila Rock

From our Competitive mini tournament, featuring Sheila Rock, Kristiana and Willy! This excellent match is between Muscle Beauty, Sheila Rock and excellent wrestler, Kristiana! Gorgeous women in judo is, fighting for pins only! The first to get 5 pins to the count of 10 is the winner! So these 2 babes go at it! Kristiana is skilled and is larger than Sheila but she has an ego and hates to lose!
V587 Competitive Bikini Wrestling: Jennifer Thomas vs Kristiana

These 2 beautiful, thickly built, sturdy and skilled fighters go at each other in this excellent fight for submissions! Lots of head locks, chokes and body scissors are gained in this match! The competition is fierce, with each fighter getting submissions! Great fight between these 2 popular wrestling babes!
V604 Steve's Challenge! Cheyenne Jewel vs Steve

Steve challenges Cheyenne Jewell to a short match. He asks how many submissions she thinks she can get and Cheyenne jumps at the opportunity to show him! Choke Holds, Triangle Chokes, Head Scissors are all used to hurt and humiliate Steve!! Foolish Steve is Sorry!!! Great Action!!
V511 Veronika Valentine Smothers in Fetish Pants!

Veronika comes home to find her boyfriend Steve looking at a Fetish Magazine full of beautiful Fetish models and she is livid. She and Steve get into an intense fight! Veronika smothers Steve in her own wardrobe of Sexy Shiny Latex and Silky Satin Fetish Pants. She is extremely dominant, forcing his face deep into her ass! Smothers, Face Sitting and Scissors!
V628 Competitive Female Wrestling! Julie Squeeze vs Skylar Rene

This is a slow moving, very calculated match between Julie Squeeze and Skylar Renee Julie immediately gets her legs around Skylar who seems a bit embarrassed by the fact that she was caught in Julie's scissor so quickly. Skylar gets the next take down but moving Julie is like moving a brick house. Skylar can't finish Julie with a submission. Fighting Julie is like playing poker...she is expressionless and it's hard to tell if she is sufferiing or not....and she calculates every step of her game in an almost robot like state! Skylar's frustration is growing as she moves from headlock, to body scissor to paintbrush, all which Julie seems oblivious to! Skylar moves into a high school girl pin with Julie's arms straightened...stressing Julie's shoulders...will she submit? The action from here intensifies...Neither one of these athletes wants to lose...Julie uses elbows and knees on pressure points to gain control! This match is like a game of chess! Intense and calculated....with both gorgeous athletic opponents close in technique, strength and skill! Wow!
V600 Competitive Session Wrestling Rematch I! FightBabe Robin vs Bad Ant Part 1

Bad Ant really wants to win this match. It is very competitive with some trash talking and a bit fun banter thrown in. Bad Ant is very strong and great at defense! Robin goes for the offense! It's a tough fight and B.A. certainly does better this time than in the last match! Robin is irritated by his cocky attitude. B.A.'s strength and sweat are definitely an obstacle for the Fightbabe, and although we see her frustration at times, she keeps a sense of humor and she is relentless! This is the first half of a one hour session video!

V500 Liz Beats Man! (New Addition!!!)

Liz takes on a bigger guy for her Martial Arts practice!! The guy has no idea what he's getting into as he's thrown around as Liz's practice dummy!! Liz uses her complete arsenal of brutal holds! Kicks, Punches, Throws, Ball Busting!!! Liz is fierce, nasty and absolutely stunning!!!
V272 The Auditioning of Lucia

In this cut throat world of wrestling, not just anybody can become a star. It takes some moves, style & strength just to get in the game! So Robin puts this girl through a three-way gauntlet. Lucia has to show her stuff by wrestling first Robin, then Dwayne, then Ali.
V320 Class Clowns: Robin vs Three Clowns

Robin takes on three clowns!!! They all go at it with the FightBabe and she wrestles and facesits them into submission!!! Robin demonstrates the ins and outs of wrestling to three clowns. These unsuspecting victims serve as real class clowns for sexy & strong Robin to beat down mercilessly!!!Check it out and see for yourself!!!
V019 Club Challenge Match: Tina vs Yasmin

A hard fast paced topless competitive match with Swedish sweetheart, Tina fighting sexy British Yasmin in an all out brawl! 100% competitive action!!!
V184 Upside Down & Spread: Robin & Dino

Watch Robin as she gets hung upside down and has her legs spread wide open. Robin has amazing flexibility and she tantalizes Dino with her hot body as she giggles and enjoys every second. This is truly a unique video!
V116 Nicotine Fit: Sharon vs Shay Part 1

Part 1: Two gorgeous roommates arguing...Sharon is lazy and loves to smoke. She does little to share in the upkeep of the apartment. She is also a sex maniac and loves to lounge and to play with herself throughout the day. Shay is tired of this endless parade of smoking and masturbation. She confronts Sharon with her problem and it's ON!!!
V134A Mixed Boxing Part 1: Tina vs Leonardo

Tina challenges Leonardo to spar with her and it turns into an all out boxing brawl! Leonardo is a lot bigger with a much longer reach than tiny Tina. She takes a lot of punches to the face and dishes out some punishment as well. Several punches to her gut, double her over, but this little cookie is tough and she fights dirty, beating the bigger guy too, but a ko is had by Leonardo by the end of 18 minutes.
V100A Best Of Mixed Facesitting- Volume 1

FACE SITTING ONLY from many of our videos! Sample them all!

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