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Customer Reviews:

(This sections contains feedback from our customers regarding their Custom Videos. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating!!!) These are just a small sampling of our feedbacks!!!

Contact Robin for any further info.

A Valued Customer Writes (November 2018):

"Hi Robin,

I've watched the video. Very great work, thank you! You're very strong to carry Kristiana like that. And nobody mimics being chicken as well as Kristiana! 


An Excited Customer Writes (October 2018):


Good evening. I got the video, wow, all I can say is wow. You, Skylar and poor Steve all deserve Oscars. Thanks again for not only being true  to the script, but making it better than my expectations. I always get more than I hoped for and am looking forward to the next time I request a video.

Cheers, Joel"

An Very Happy Repeat Customer Writes (March 2018):

"Hi Robin,
I have had great problems to download your file because I was traveling. But now I have it and I had the opportunity to see it. 
Thank you very, very much you did again a great job. I love that you always try to make something special (the only bad detail was that you were not in this movie, we should at least involve you in the end next time.... but please say thank you to the cruel ladies, I adore this great video.
Hope to hear from you soon.... when will you be in Europe ? With Stacy ??? 
Your great fan Ulli"


An Ecstatic Customer Writes (December 2017):

"Hello again,

I just wanted to say a big thank you. You've done a great job and clearly followed and understood the script. These things never turn out EXACTLY as you imagine but this was as close as I've seen. I'm delighted with it and am already planning the next one if that's ok with you (I know I'm a difficult customer). Please thank Kristie for me also. Have a great Christmas and peaceful and prosperous New Year.



Another Happy Customer Writes (July 2017):



Awesome video. Once again, you created just what I was looking for in a video. Thanks so much for your great work.

Have a good evening and all the best to you.




Regarding a POV Video, a Customer Writes:

"Hi Robin,

OMG, the video was absolutely amazing!!!  I loved it!  I've watched it several times already, in fact.  You were mentioning you wanted some feedback:  I loved the way you moved around and weren't stationary, just like in a real boxing match (you can't believe how many models do a POV boxing shoot and literally stand in one place.  lol)  I really felt like we were in close quarters in a sweaty battle.  I also liked when you'd back up from the camera and give full body shots of you in those cute shorts.  Also, I liked when you'd punch the gloves together and taunt.  So sexy.........  Also, the pace you kept up that whole video was impressive.

Is that really the first request you've had for a POV boxing shoot?  That's almost hard to believe, but maybe more guys are into the wrestling thing. (or maybe they don't know how good you are at boxing, too, but I did!"

A Repeat Customer Writes:

"I had commissioned two videos produced by Robin and both were professionally done. I apologize to Steve for being able to take all the punishment from the ladies Randy and especially, Goldie. Goldie is a real gem and thanks to Robin to always try to put up a wonderful roster for us. The communication with Robin was quick, hassle free and smooth. I would definitely trust Robin and her team to continue produce videos of the highest quality. Thank you once again and I hope the ladies enjoyed the shoots as I am always keeping a lookout of your announcements of possible custom lineups, thank you Robin!"

A Recent Customer (Jan. 2016), Writes:

Robin, Morning. Awesome video. Once again, you surpassed my expectations. Thanks for the great video and your work with Nikki.  Look forward to ordering another video sometime soon!


 A Pleased Customer Writes:

Robin - The video you produced with Skylar is AMAZING!!!!  Totally exceeded my expectations.  You BOTH were awesome. The quality and role play are both spectacular.  I really appreciate the effort, planning, and preparation that went into making this happen.  



A Frequent Customer Writes:

Hi Robin,
"Just wanna say thank you for all the joy you bring to fans around the World.
Happy X-mas & a great 2015!

A Customer Refers To His Custom:

"Hi, I absolutely loved it! Best video I've seen! I was wondering if you found out when she's coming back and if she'd do a rematch? (Sheila Rock)"


A New Customer Writes:

"To Robin 

Thank you for the film, I love it. The girls look great and I've always wanted Sheila to feature in one of my films so it's double bonus for me. Thank you for your attention to detail in both the wrestling and plot. Some wrestling companies in the past have been happy to take my money and produce a poor product. 

This is not the case with Lesfemmesfatales, you produced a nice film according to the script with two great models. Both of whom seem to get into the spirit of it, which I appreciate. If Sheila guest stars in any future films with yourself,  I certainly look to make another film with you. Also the photos as well were good! 



Pleased Customer Writes:

"Robin, I love your work and your custom videos productions are quality. You have always exceeded my expectations.

Keep up the excellent work."

A VERY Happy Customer Writes:

"I received your Robin/Nikki match photos today and they reinforced my opinion that you and Nikki did a marvelous job of creating the situations I requested.

You made my day twice today.  Once with the photos and the second, and just as important, with the card with your comments inside.  That note and your email correspondence mean so much to me!
I appreciate your amazing approach in working with me and making my dream match come to life.  I have worked with several companies, LFFP is the only producer that did not disappoint me in one way or another.

I will try my best to hold up my end of the business relationship and friendship and hope to be one of your valued customers as you are my valued producer and wrestling talent. 

I probably sound mushie, but I again want to thank you for the excellent level of pre and post match communication. 
The ability to bounce ideas back and forth is priceless.  I usually know what I want and you usually know how to make it happen.

I am so anxious to work with you again!"


The two girls really look sexy in their Judo GIs. It looks an awesome video with two beautiful girls fighting for their pride.
Can't wait to view this video!!!!!
Excellent Robin,....... keeps me drooling for more!!!!!!!!"


A Customer Writes:

"Saw the full video.  It turned out great!   
A good job with the dialog too..I was concerned I had too much but it seemed to all be used without any issues. I appreciate all the work you do on these to get such a fast turnaround time.


Another Customer Writes:

"Magic !!!!!   
Thanks as always"

Another Customer Writes:

"Awesome Video! Thanks Robin and everybody!!"

A Lovely Customer from France Writes:

Dear Robin,

First of all, a thousand and bravo for the video!
You look really lovely (eyes, hairs, body…) according to so athletic, strong, technical, and cruel manners…..a marvelous combination…. I am in love…
It is an original custom, with you being a really dominating girl and a poor suffering prey! It is a success for me!
Surprise, hard holds, real pain, new and efficient ropes…..what a pleasure for me. Where did you learn those bondage technics??? Had you already practiced it?? You seemed so confident of the success of your tied up…..
I am also surprise by your fitness form: no sweat, never breathless, I  guess you practice sport all time and i love you also for that
you choked olivier so many times , he looks   really scared, and  completely submitted  at the end, i is great so…
I loved the way he try to free him without any success and the way you add ropes as long as he keeps moving
 i saw in his eyes, first, amusing, and passing progressively to astonish, fear, suffering, and resignation at the end… I love it when it is not fake like that...

Robin you make me a great pleasure, you stay my favorite custom fighter…


XXXX Writes:

A+++++!  Very well done, fantastic!

Even the parts that were semi-scripted look excellent. When I corresponded in the past, I said that your vids have the "in person" feel that sets them apart. 

XXXX Writes:

Great match. Excellent return and come back from Kristiana. She really looks great and ready to rumble. She seems to have got back her competitive spirit.
Well done to Kristiana and Steve for an awesome display of competitive fighting.
Excellent job Robin!!!!
Keep up the magnificent video productions...you are "Numero Uno".